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The Universal

Timeless design sleeve which shows a healthy respect for the planet, also pursuing natural form and simplicity. 


• 11" to 12" - 300mm x 215mm

• 13" - 340mm x 250mm

• 14" to 15" - 370mm x 270mm


• Made from 80% felt and 20% PU


• Inner pockets

• Outer pockets

• Carry pouch 

• Designed to carry most slim laptops up to 15" screen size (diagonal measurement)

Care Information:

Every item is beautifully hand crafted with durable, soft felt polyester, accented with stylish black polyurethane. To ensure that each product lasts for years to come, please take note of the following:

• Felt is a natural material that is absorbent - oils can stain the material.

• Extreme heat can shrink the material.

• If the product gets wet, avoid drying it quickly. We recommend leaving it an open, well ventilated space to air dry, otherwise shrinkage may occur.

• You can spot clean any product with a damp clean cloth.