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Rider's Lock. Perfect Key storage lock for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers

You know the feeling. You drive to the your favourite spot, pull up and get out to get a better look at the waves. It’s worth getting the gear out, so you get ready, dash out, until you realise… hiding the car keys. Some of us have older cars and stick your key in your wetsuit's pocket but many of us have electronic keys now. We used the back tyre or the exhaust (with a piece of string) or maybe in an empty sunscreen bottle, thinking no one will check there. So what can we do to make the whole car at the beach experience a lot less stressful? 


Riders' Lock Feature:

- Portable and security to use.

- 4-digit combination lock to ensure security.

- Enables access for the selected few.

- Strong zinc alloy body resists hammering and sawing.

- Ideal for storing keys securely.



- 1x Key Storage Security Lock

- 1x Instruction



- Please set your own code before use as the device leaves the factory with preset code: 0-0-0-0.

 Please read the operating instructions carefully before you operate the lock or try to set a new combination of numbers. 

 Suggest set minimum 3 numbers for high security.

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